New Subscription Coconut Oil


What's the difference between your Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Gourmet Coconut Oil?

Our Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil comes from Fiji and has a coconut aroma. Our Gourmet Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil is tasteless and would suit those who like to cook without the taste of coconut!

Can I purchase wholesale from Banaban?

Yes certainly! If you meet our wholesale criteria, we welcome new wholesalers. You can contact us directly, on 07 55 759 005 or visit us at

Can I pick up my order from your facility?

Yes certainly, our pick up address is 2 Rina Court, Varsity Lakes, QLD.

Is your packaging BPA Free?

Yes. All of our packaging including cans are BPA Free.

Why is there a price difference between plastic & glass 1 litre coconut oil deals?

There is a price difference in plastic and glass due to the packaging and also weight component of sending stock. Glass is almost twice as heavy as our blue lid bottles.

Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil