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BANABAN Gourmet Organic Coconut Butter 250g



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Banaban GOURMET Organic Virgin Coconut Butter has been specially developed for the most discerning of tastes. A rich tasting pure coconut creamy texture that makes the ideal butter spread. Also referred to as COCONUT CREAM CONCENTRATE. So tasty you can eat direct from the spoon.

Banaban Gourmet Organic Coconut Butter has been specifically developed to bring out the culinary artist in you. This certified organic finely ground coconut meat in concentrated form contains a light touch of Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to provide a nutritious oomph to any dish.

Banaban Gourmet Organic Coconut Butter contains no dairy, is gluten free and vegan with no additives or preservatives. Made from 100% coconut flesh this ideal butter was created for the foodies of the world and to suit those on Paleo, vegan, gluten and dairy-free diets.

Banaban Gourmet Organic Coconut Butter is perfect for creating raw desserts, bliss balls, fudge or in your morning coffee as a non-dairy creamer. Let your creative mind run wild with the endless possibilities for raw cheesecakes, truffles, mousses and puddings.

Ingredients:  Certified organic coconut cream 65% fat content

Pure Banaban GOURMET ORGANIC Coconut Butter can harden during colder months. Refrigerate once open.